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DeEtta Jones and Associates is a leading force in shaping contemporary thinking and practice around integrated and sustainable approaches to personal transformation, workplace culture, diversity inclusion and equity.

Our work with hundreds of organizations in many sectors and across the world has led us to one conclusion—we are at a threshold. This threshold will either be the outermost limit of our ability to adapt and thrive in today’s face-paced world, or the breakthrough to a new era filled with invigorating ideas, access to diverse thinking and skills and the possibility for manifesting our desires. Our commitment is to the latter, and we know that a new approach is needed.

DeEtta Jones and Associates bridges research-based wisdom from many disciplines with practical client-specific solutions for immediate and long-lasting results.

We describe this new approach as next generation leadership which encompasses ongoing commitment to building capacity across seven key areas:

  1. Disciplined Practice
  2. Managerial Excellence
  3. Intentional Leadership
  4. Active Learning
  5. Entrepreneurial Prowess
  6. Holistic Approach
  7. Global Mindset

All of our services are designed to help you build capacity in these areas and throughout your organization. Let us know how we can work with you to bring a holistic approach that helps you ignite the next wave of innovation and creativity to your leadership team, new project, or an organizational change effort.

Our Team

Our consulting team represents a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, and brings deep U.S. domestic and global experience. We are committed to creating the highest quality learning and application tools for our clients.