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DeEtta Jones and Associates Launches Executive Search Capacity

Chicago, IL, June 22, 2017– A leader in organizational development and culture, DeEtta Jones and Associates will now offer executive search capabilities as an additional service for their public and academic library clients. DeEtta Jones and Associates announced today the launch of its new executive search capacity which will complement the suite of services the firm has been providing over the past two decades, including organizational strategy, leadership development, equity, diversity and inclusion. [read more]

Indispensable, Irreplaceable You 6 tips to creating peerless value at work

Given the rapid pace of change in most organizations, it is likely that you have—at least on occasion—considered the value you add (and what you have invested in it). Value is the return on investment benefit that your company enjoys because of your unique contribution to clients, colleagues and work product. It also includes things like how you enhance the company brand, introduce innovative approaches or facilitate breakthrough solutions that impact the bottom-line. The degree of value you uniquely bring to your company is directly correlated with your irreplaceability. [read more]

The Best

Bosses Are: What every employee wants from you as a leader

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a manager? Being overburdened by the responsibility of having to figure out what others want and need of you is a familiar feeling shared among leaders. Fortunately, there is a “best practice” for obtaining just the kind of information needed to increase your leadership effectiveness—ask them what they want. [read more]

Focus Management: Strategic leaders focus on the vision

When was the last time you remember bringing your absolute “A Game” to your work, decisions and relationships? It’s likely that your memories are either too distant or too infrequent to feel satisfying. Given the rapidly changing environments within which we live and work, “overwhelmed” and “stretched too thin” are common sentiments. The irony is that during a time when most are desperately in pursuit of creativity, innovation and emotionally intelligent leadership there is a simultaneous pushing of ourselves and our employees to exhaustion—depletion of the very resources most needed. [read more]

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