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This course is designed for professionals interested in enhancing their own cultural competence and engaging in ways that increases your organization’s overall capacity related to E,D&I goals.

Cultural competence is more essential now than ever. We are in a moment of redefinition. We have to get past polarizing exchanges and embrace the rich diversity of experiences and expectations that are going to allow us to flourish going forward. More practically, we need solid skills for resolving conflict, coaching employees, enhancing engagement, creating breakthrough experiences with new customer groups, and nurturing innovation all of which are happening in culturally complex environments. Now is the time invest in growing, practicing and modeling the behavior that is going to be crucial for workplace and community success.

Cultural competence is more than an attitude; it is a skill set that requires investment and practice. This course provides essential learning at every step of the developmental process–awareness, knowledge, skills and action–to help you continue to enhance your cultural competence. Research-based concepts will be complemented by Immediately applicable skills and tools.

By the end of this course, you should feel significantly more confident and competent in your ability to read and navigate culturally nuanced relationships. You will have a toolkit for your ongoing reference and to share with others in your workplace and personal relationships.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this course will:

  • Develop intercultural knowledge.
  • Be more aware of and open to unfamiliar culturally-based behavior.
  • Articulate the business case for cultural competence in the workplace.
  • Speak competently about contemporary equity, diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Apply ED&I  concepts at the individual level and in a workplace setting.
  • Practice techniques that promote culturally competent behaviors across the organization.
  • Begin developing intercultural problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Develop a compelling personal action plan.
Who is this class for?

This course is for both individuals & organizations that:

  • Want broad access to and application of cross-culturally competent behaviors in the workplace, communities, and schools.
  • Seek breakthrough thinking, competencies and tools to advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion personal and/or professional goals.
Level of Difficulty & General Info

Taught by: DeEtta Jones

DeEtta Jones is an invited speaker, equity, diversity and inclusion strategy consultant and author with more than twenty years of experience working with people from around the world on personal effectiveness and building workforce capacity.
Level: Intermediate
Language: English
How To Pass: Complete all modules, submit questionnaire, pre- and post-test. Upon submission of post-test a certification of completion will be awarded.

Objectives (after completing this module participants will be able to):

  • Describe major demographic and marketplace changes.
  • Define cultural competence and why it is essential for every member of our organization to possess.
  • Describe the correlation between cultural competence and breakthroughs in team productivity, creativity and innovation.

Objectives (after completing this module participants will be able to):

  • Define equity, diversity, inclusion. and social justice.
  • Speak competently about contemporary equity, diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Apply ED&I concepts at the individual level and in a workplace setting.
  • Use a developmental framework for understanding your own worldview and creating a path for continued growth.
  • Identify behaviors that advance inclusion goals.

Objectives (after completing this module participants will be able to):

  • Describe dimensions of one’s own and others’ cultures.
  • Practice using a powerful listening technique that facilitates equity.
  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding using specific tools to be more effective.
  • Apply what you’ve learned to behavioral adjustments that you can make for immediate positive impact.

Objectives (After completing this section participants will be able to):   

  • Describe the elements of culture and how culture shapes worldviews.
  • Describe why cultural change is so complicated and how to transform it.
  • Articulate the characteristics of microcultures.
  • Describe how privilege, power and oppression are related to culture.
  • Understand the power dynamics between macro- and microcultures.
  • Reflect on your own areas of privilege.
  • Notice and be adept at recognizing communication cues across cultures.
  • Make behavioral adjustment that take into account a more sophisticated understanding of cultural dynamics.

Objectives (After completing this section participants will be able to):

  • Understand and make the case for the Equity Mindset as essential for achieving breakthroughs in E,D&I goals
  • Apply differentiated approaches to cross-cultural situations and diversity-related challenges
  • Examine my own and others’ worldviews more openly, and consistent with my values
  • Complete a customized Development Plan that outlines next steps for your continued learning, practice and growth
  • Contribute to workplace or community ED&I initiatives with a solid foundation of language, concepts and skills for effecting positive change 
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