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DJA Senior Facilitator and Consultant

Co-founder, Diversity Solutions Group

Barb is co-founder of Diversity Solutions Group. She currently provides consulting and training in the areas of diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural communication competence, organizational effectiveness, and leadership and management development. She has more than 25 years’ experience designing and facilitating training seminars and classes within and outside the United States. In addition, Ms. Kistler has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses on leadership development, organizational behavior, and cross-cultural/multi-cultural education at Colorado State University. Barb is certified in a number of personality, leadership and workstyle assessments including Myers Briggs Type Indicator, FIROB, DiSC, Social Styles, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and StrengthsFinder as well as the Profilor 360 Degree Feedback tool.

In addition to her work as a university educator and consultant, Barb worked for many years with Hewlett Packard Company, managing and leading Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness for the company’s global software business, both in domestic and international settings.

Barb holds a BS and MEd from Colorado State University (Higher Education Administration and Adult Education). She has also studied extensively at the Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland, Oregon, with nationally renowned interculturalists Lillian Roybal Rose, Milton Bennett, Michael Paige, George Renwick, William Cross, Mitch Hammer, and Lee Knefelkamp. She lives with her family in Northern Colorado.

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