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DJA Senior Consultant

Patricia A. Efiom

Patricia A. Efiom is an organizational change agent with more than twenty-five years of experience leading organizations from self -assessment to transformation.  Efiom specializes in helping organizations navigate through the development of strategic plans that address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  She is nationally recognized as an expert in building cross-cultural relationships through meaningful engagement.  She has the unique ability to bring together people of all backgrounds to engage in difficult conversations resulting in organizational change. With a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems technology and years of experience, Efiom has developed curriculum specific to each organization.    

Efiom currently serves as Chief Equity Officer for the City of Evanston where she is responsible for working with City leadership and local communities to create an equity framework and facilitate dialogue and organizational practices that support the development and adoption of equity as a shared value.  Efiom is a much sought after diversity, equity and inclusion trainer, consultant and speaker.

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