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DJA Senior Consultant

Raynna specializes in organizational and human resource development in libraries, as well as in library assessment. For the past 8 years, her primary area of practice is program reviews, guidance in strategic planning and organizational assessment and design for academic and research libraries. Raynna’s experience includes guiding strategic planning for libraries at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Ohio University, Oklahoma State University, Florida State University, and others. She has assisted several libraries with organizational redesign including Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences/Harvard College Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Tufts University, Ohio University and others. In addition to organizational reviews, strategy management and organizational development, Raynna develops and delivers consulting and training support for libraries in areas including work analysis, human resource allocation, “re-tooling” staff skills, and the implementation of new systems, structures and work processes. She also guides libraries in the development of assessment initiatives, working regularly with the Association of Research Libraries to enable librarians to effectively utilize data obtained from user surveys such as LIBQUAL+® and other instruments.

Raynna formerly worked for twenty years in the Brown University Library, with 10 years as the organizational and staff development officer. She has an M.S.L.S. from Simmons College and an M.B.A., with a specialization in General Management and Organizational Behavior, from the University of Rhode Island.

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