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Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion services primarily focus on helping you develop cultural competence and use it to enhance your organization’s culture and performance.

Cultural competence is a skill set; the confidence and competence to effectively move in and out of diverse relationships and experiences.

Cultural competence is required in today’s diverse global business, educational and social settings. Rather than a static learning specific to only one national, ethnic, generational, or other group, our approach to cultural competence combines cultural knowledge, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills that can be adapted to achieve improved interpersonal and organization results in any cross-cultural situation. Further, we work with leaders on understanding, messaging and thoughtful approaches for ensuring that cultural competence is a skill being developed throughout your organization.

We help you:

  • Develop basic intercultural knowledge to become more aware and open to unfamiliar culturally-based behavior;
  • Begin developing intercultural problem-solving and communication skills to avoid misunderstandings and to accelerate effectiveness;
  • Become versed in common intercultural concepts with colleagues to be an active participant in an organizational culture that requires competence across cultures;
  • Develop a compelling personal action plan for further increasing cultural competence; and
  • Apply cultural knowledge to business practices, challenges and strategic opportunities.

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