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Consistent with our goal of helping you build capacity, we deliver workshop learning events to your location across the world so you can expose up to 40 people per session in developing shared language, creating a common approach, and practicing shared tools.

Our management workshop learning events and are based on well-researched, current theories and practices and designed with the adult learner in mind. We stay in touch with the latest developments across many pertinent fields to ensure that our programs are relevant to the issues and challenges facing today’s organizations. Any of our workshops can be customized to ensure case studies, self-assessments, and group exercises use language tailored to reflect your audience. We also pride ourselves on the diverse experiences and skills sets among our facilitators, ensuring that you have people who bring credibility and the ability to connect in meaningful ways with your audience.

If you are interested in bringing a workshop to your organization, take a look:


Q: Do people have to attend Library Management Skills Institute I in order to participate in Library Management Skills Institute II? 
  • No, the two Institutes are designed to be independent. Leaders, in any position in your organization, can benefit from either or both.
Q: How much does it cost per person? 
  •  Institutes are not priced per person. We charge a flat fee up to 40 people which includes all Institute materials and facilitators’ travel.
Q: How far in advance do we need to request an Institute.
  •  As soon as possible! We receive requests up to a year in advance.

DJA Institute Host Logistics

As the sponsoring institution, Client will provide: (PDF Download)

  • Consultant with contact names and email addresses of all participants in electronic form at least ten (10) business days prior to event. This is requested in order to send a pre-Institute mailing to participants.
  • A participant list including name, institution/library, title, address, phone number, and email address. Enough copies of this document should be made for all participants and facilitators
  • Consultant options for appropriate lodging near the training space
  • Assist Consultant in shipping back to Chicago, IL, any leftover materials at consultants’ expense
  • An appropriate sized meeting room (preferably the same meeting space for the entire duration of the Institute)
  • Continental breakfast in or near the meeting room each morning, delivered thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the Institute
  • Afternoon breaks in or near the meeting room (approximately 2:15 pm delivery). This should include coffee (regular and decaffeinated), tea, water, juice and/or soda, and a light snack (ie. cookies, brownies, fruit)
  • Round/square tables with 5-6 chairs per table plus one rectangular table for facilitators’ materials
  • Three (3) flipchart easels and six (6) flipchart pads, unless otherwise specified
  • A projector and screen

As the vendor, DeEtta Jones and Associates will provide:

  • A program overview sent electronically to participants approximately seven (7) days prior to the Institute
  • Specifically designed workbooks for all participants
  • Workshop materials not provided by Client (markers, drafting dots, name tags, pens, etc.)
  • Instruments/Self-assessments
  • Handouts used in sessions or as supplementary
  • Laptop
  • Participant evaluations
  • Evaluation summary
  • Invoice for services rendered

Request a Workshop

To schedule or inquire about the following workshops please contact us:

  • DJA Cross Cultural Competence Workshop
  • Facilitation Skills Institute
  • D&I Facilitation Training (train-the-trainers)

For Library specific events please view our Library Management workshop calendar or contact us to schedule additional workshops.

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