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The complex challenges faced by contemporary organizations cannot be addressed by a stand-alone workshop or one-size-fits-all organizational development solution. We work with you to clearly identify needs and potential areas of growth and investment. More importantly, we anchor our work to your aspirations and values, which creates ownership throughout the organization and allows you to build something that is sustainable and robust.

To this end, we lead the marketplace with our cutting edge and proprietary DJA Culture Building ModelSM – a comprehensive guide customized to generate the results you seek to transform your organization.

  • Gain INSIGHTS about your organization’s culture.
  • Clearly ARTICULATE cultural values and associated BEHAVIORS, which often difficult in rapidly changing and politically-charged environments.
  • Provide customized TRAINING AND RESOURCES for people at all levels of the organization.
  • Implement use of ANALYTIC TOOLS to track progress through use of a DYNAMIC DASHBOARD that allows input from different parts of the organization.
  • LEARN from best practices in other parts of the organization about processes that may SCALE to have enterprise-wide potential.
  • Be AGILE in your ability to ACT based on changes in the external environment yet consistent with organizational mission and goals.
  • MEASURE progress toward goals, COMMUNICATE progress, and make real-time ADJUSTMENTS as needed.

Whether restructuring, strategic planning, or developing an inclusive organizational culture, we have unique effective solutions to move you toward your organizational vision.

Our customized organizational development solutions will help you:

  • Align organizational values with strategic goals, systems and processes;
  • Engage staff in ways that build motivation and increase the potential for creativity and innovation;
  • Build capacity for maximizing the effectiveness and contribution of managers;
  • Create and implement clear and thoughtful organizational and cultural change processes; and
  • Have tools for ongoing communication and measurement of progress.
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