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Our Process and Package:

At DJA we have developed a core executive search package that delivers excellent results. We also recognize that each library has unique or special circumstances, and we will gladly customize our work to meet your needs.

At the beginning of our process we will work with your HR department and search committee to ensure that we have a strong understanding of your needs, and that you understand our work process and have the opportunity to provide us with direction and guidance. We can assist with the development of a search committee, and help to clarify roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.

 Executive Search Brochure

Our core executive search package includes the following:

Organizational Familiarity

As soon as we begin working with you, we will get to know your library and the community you serve so we can be excellent ambassadors for you during the recruitment process. We will gain an understanding of your vision, mission and values, as well as your current strategic initiatives and goals. We will develop an understanding of your key benefits, as well as the location advantages of your region. We will develop a compelling brochure to market the position.

Position Development

We will assist you with freshening up the job description to ensure that it describes the kind of candidates you wish to attract, and reflects the true nature of the work.


We will post the position in multiple avenues, with a special focus on those that target under-represented groups. Then we will deploy our team to reach out and identify the very best potential candidates in the profession. During this time, we will share your story and build excitement for the opportunity. We will collect and assemble resumes and ensure that we are building a candidate pool that reflects your priorities.

Candidate Review and Selection

We will review each candidate to ensure they meet your stated qualifications and will complete a screening interview with each qualified candidate to help us evaluate them. We will present you with our results, sharing the results of our interviews to highlight their strengths and challenges. We will facilitate a conversation with your search committee to help identify those candidates of interest whom you wish to interview.


We will coordinate a first round of interviews with the chosen candidates, via skype or whatever method you prefer. We will then facilitate a conversation to help the committee narrow the pool to a group of finalists. We will coordinate the finalist in-person interviews, and assist you with planning an effective process that helps you to get to know your candidates, and ensures that they have a positive and pleasant experience.


Once you have made your selection, we will ensure that all candidates are promptly notified. If you desire, we can assist with the job offer and with any negotiations. We can also complete background checks for your chosen candidate upon request.

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