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Indispensable, Irreplaceable You: 6 tips to creating peerless value at work

Given the rapid pace of change in most organizations, it is likely that you have—at least on occasion—considered the value you add (and what you have invested in it). Value is the return on investment benefit that your company enjoys because of your unique contribution to clients, colleagues and work product. It also includes things like how you enhance the company brand, introduce innovative approaches or facilitate breakthrough solutions that …Read More

A holistic approach to wellbeing

Are you tired of being tired? Of waking up with a stiff neck, or the headaches that seem to never completely go away? Are you able to bring your full and undivided attention to important tasks when needed? What about relationships; are you nurturing the important relationships in your life, whether in professional or personal settings? Do you get as much from your relationships as you give? Finally, do you …Read More

Time for self-assessment

I often lead sessions where I ask participants to envision their desired future in 5, 10 or 20 years. Almost without fail, I get an incrementally different version of today, a work promotion, a new dwelling, maybe a new relationship. It’s difficult for the brain to think in leaps; it’s wired more for incremental steps. In the absence of a clear destination, though, its quite likely that your life will …Read More

What will be your role?

This chart was shared by Samuel Sinyangwe this past Sunday on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. It depicts data collected and made available by Mapping Police Violence, a research collaborative collecting comprehensive data on police killings nationwide to quantify the impact of police violence in communities. It shows that in 17 U.S. cities police kill Black men at a higher rate that the U.S. murder rate.  I invite you to be part of …Read More

The Language of Social Justice

For the past couple of weeks my show, DJ and Da Bear: Keeping You at the Top of Your Game, has focused on social justice issues. I have received a tremendous outpouring of support and encouragement, and also some requests for additional resources and definitions. In response to the requests for definitions, I’ve compiled some here and will keep adding. Thank you to my colleagues in the virtual world who …Read More

It’s Just One Word: The Difficult Role of Leaders

Watching Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake over the past 12 hours has been the perfect case study in leadership. She has the incredibly difficult tasks of being a solid, compassionate spokesperson for her office, the police officers and other city and state officials who are supporting her, and the citizens of Baltimore, from parents and business owners who are watching their buildings burn to gang members and teens. All the while, …Read More

No Justice. No Peace.

 The riots following that erupted following Freddie Grey’s funeral and have led President Obama to declare a State of Emergency in Baltimore have to be understood in the context of oppression. Though I in no way condone or believe it constructive or appropriate to put in danger the lives of others, it is certainly incumbent upon us to consider the vicious cycle of oppression that leads to outcries in the streets. If you would like to hear more …Read More

3 P’s of Entrepreneurship: Passion, Perverance and Purpose

  Passion is one of those qualities that rolls off the tongue when you’re talking about entrepreneurship; however, passion alone isn’t usually enough. If you only have passion you’re more susceptible to the emotional roller coaster ride of new venture creation. I would add two other “P’s”: Perseverance and Purpose. Going out on your own (or staying within your organization and going against the status quo) are not easy things …Read More

Just Leadership

Over the past year, U.S. media has been exploding with stories about seemingly racially-motivated abuses against Blacks. Though the individual instances of inequality are being hotly debated, the larger framework has not yet surfaced in the public discourse—oppression. Oppression is the suppression of rights of groups other than one’s own. It is not uncommon for people to assume that discrimination must be explicit, like the police officer shooting an unarmed …Read More

Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot! Learn to Recognize and Manage Triggered Reactions

By Shelley Row, P.E. We all have them…those hot-button issues, things that get under our skin. When one of them happens it triggers an over-reaction that is emotion-filled, quick and is probably not in your best interest. Some triggering events provoke a significant reaction. Others are like mini-earthquakes in your daily life where you feel just a twinge of annoyance. Big or small, your decision-making is impaired when you are …Read More