DeEtta Jones & Associates

DeEtta Jones and Associates is a minority and woman owned management consulting and training firm. Established in 2005, DeEtta Jones and Associates works with thousands of people every year delivering in-person and online professional development services, organizational and workforce enhancement consulting services.

Our Mission

DeEtta Jones & Associates (DJA) guides leaders and organizations on a journey that builds capacity, strengthens innovation, and increases organizational performance by creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment.  We deliver deliberate strategies and tools that position you and your colleagues to build upon and enhance your organization’s structures, systems, people, and culture in the context of continual growth.

Our Vision

The next generation of leaders will drive the embedded, equity-focused, and sustainable practices that will transform workforce, workplace, and community practices and expectations. DJA will take an active role in engaging, coaching, and preparing the next generation of leaders by centering voices from a variety of lived experiences that include an expansive worldview.

Our Shared Values

DJA's values represent our collective lived experiences.

  • We value and actively cultivate leadership, as expressed in many ways.
  • We value knowledge from a broad array of disciplines, fields, ways of knowing, and traditions.
  • We value a growth mindset and commit to bringing this perspective to every new or knotty challenge. Our growth mindset means that we do not consider setbacks as failures, but as learning opportunities.
  • We value the power of role models and commit to exemplifying the kind of care, commitment, and consideration that we encourage in others.
  • We value well-being and personal care. We are kind to each other and our clients, and expect the same in all of our interactions, even during difficult situations.
  • We value transparency. We are who we say we are. We do what we say we will do. This is how trust is built and sustained.
  • We value the journey. We do not judge each other, our clients, or others who are at a different point. We, too, are on a journey and know that the vantage point, from wherever we are, may be only visible to those who are living it. We commit to meeting you where you are and actively seeking ways to support a path forward.

Examples of our work across industries


  • Customized state-wide leadership development program
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion training for government employees, with focus on first responders
  • City-wide equity, diversity and inclusion assessment, report and recommendations

Financial Services

  • Diversity and inclusion strategy for a regional financial services institution

Higher Education

  • Custom designed and administered 13 leadership programs for individual universities and consortia
  • Executive coaching for newly appointed administrators across the globe 
  • D&I assessment, training, strategy, and communications 
  • Strategic planning for dozens of R1 universities across North America 


  • Customized diversity and inclusion training and train-the-trainer.


  • Global diversity and inclusion framework for a global hospitality organization.

Not for Profits

  • Diversity and inclusion assessment, training, strategy and communications for multiple not-for-profit organizations

Public Utilities

  • Diversity and inclusion strategy for a public utility company with both domestic and  international operations
  • Organizational assessment and employee engagement strategy for a multi-state  public utility company


  • Inclusion strategy to impact and deepen engagement in key markets across the U.S. for retailer


  • Refined global diversity strategy for a U.S.-based technology company with operations in  Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America


  • Global diversity and inclusion strategy for a U.S.-based, global transportation company

Early Childhood (EC)-12 Education

  • Diversity and inclusion assessment, training, strategy and communications for Early Childhood -12 multiple school districts across the state of Illinois.

Our Clients

We work with clients across a wide range of industries, delivering a diverse spectrum of services. We would love to work with you.

Contact us to let us know how we can help you advance your workplace and workforce goals.

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