Leadership in the Time of Coronavirus

A timely course offering from DJA

This 6-week virtual program is designed to help leaders and managers navigate through the uncertain times we are living through right now. Given the highly customized nature of this program, it will be offered one time only.


This program is designed to optimize the effective functioning of our teams during this crisis while also preparing to transition back to more familiar working environments after the pandemic passes, taking with us the lessons that we've learned from this experience. Participants will be equipped with strategies and tools to immediately support your employees and virtual teams. Right away you will begin to maximize new skills developed, new tools employed, and make choices that could significantly alter—for the better—your future work. 

This 6-week program will blend synchronous and asynchronous professional development including:

  • short pre-recorded webinars for viewing on your schedule
  • downloadable content for easy reading or reference 
  • practical application exercises for personal and use with virtual teams, and 
  • live, weekly facilitated online sessions. 


Module 1: Navigating Events and Emotions

Module 2: Setting Up and Making the Most of Virtual Teams

Module 3: Managing Performance and Expectations 

Module 4: Communication: What, Who, How, How Much and In What Order?

Module 5: Tapping Motivation and Maximizing Engagement

Module 6: Doing, Learning and Planning for Next Steps—All at the Same Time! 

Who is This Course Designed For?

Administrators and executives, senior leadership teams, managers of teams or department, supervisors, HR professionals, staff development officers, project managers and coordinators, committee or task force members and chairs, chairs of departments.


Dates and Schedule

Friday, April 10 - Friday, May 22, 2020

New content released every Monday including pre-recorded webinars, downloadable content and practical application tools.

Live facilitated group discussions Wednesdays at 4 pm ET and Fridays at 12 pm ET. 


This one-time program has been priced significantly below market value, taking into consideration the unique times we are in and with the hope of making this learning resource broadly available. 

$279 per person

Group pricing applies for groups of more than 10 participants from the same organization, and begins at a 15% discount per person.

Contact us to help us better understand your needs for group pricing.


Leadership in the Time of CoronavirusManagement Skills InstituteLeading and Managing Virtual TeamsLeading a Remote Team
Registration$279/person$900/person or $300/day$1950/person$1900/person
Contact days/hours12 hours over 6 weeks3 days2 days2 hours
Format100% online100% in-personIn-person or online100% online
DeliverySynchronous and asynchronousLiveLiveAsynchronous only

Beginning April 10, 2020