Communication through Uncertainty

Because We Know That It's Hard the Be the Messenger

This program is for those who are being called upon to communicate with certainty, clarity and confidence in a landscape that is rapidly changing.


ONE TIME ONLY! This course is being offered live, to encourage sharing of ideas and practices in real-time. In addition to the self-paced content you will also have two live facilitated sessions with other participants and faculty. 

This virtual program provides practical guidance and structured tools to help you:

  • Simultaneously convey competence, vulnerability and confidence 
  • Customize for various audiences and learning styles
  • Deliver key decisions and unpopular messages
  • Align messaging with values of transparency, accountability and inclusion
  • Provide updates on progress even in the midst of ongoing change

Participants will have a portfolio of tools and strategies that will be useful resources for organizational communication and have application for long-term positive impact. 

Who is This Course Designed For?

Administrators, executives, managers, HR professional, conference planners and coordinators, task force and committee chairs.


Dates and Schedule

Monday, April 13 - Friday, May 1, 2020


Hours to Complete

4 hours, which includes time to complete self-paced modules and participate in live weekly sessions.


This one-time program has been priced significantly below market value, taking into consideration the unique times we are in and with the hope of making this learning resource broadly available. 

$279 per person

Group pricing applies for groups of more than 10 participants from the same organization, and begins at a 15% discount per person.

Contact us to help us better understand your needs for group pricing.

Beginning April 13, 2020