Meet The Team

Cori Wong

Dr. Cori Wong, DJA Consultant, is a speaker, writer, educator, and facilitator with over 10 years of training and leadership experience related to intersectional feminism, anti-racism, social justice, and inclusive culture change. Her approach is rooted in feminist theory, liberatory praxis, and deep transformation through critical dialogue by cultivating authentic relationships across differences. Values of love, creativity, and freedom inform the means and the ends for her work. 

In addition to working with foundations, executive leaders, and community groups, Cori has led diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as an Assistant Vice President for Diversity at Colorado State University. Prior to that, she served as Special Assistant to the President leading gender equity initiatives and teaching courses on feminist theory and feminist friendship. She earned a dual-title PhD in Philosophy and Women’s Studies from the Pennsylvania State University and a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Colorado State University.

Her dissertation entitled, Positive Philosophy: A Feminist Practice of Affective Therapy and Political Resistance, explored the liberatory potential of thinking critically about oppression and creative forms of resistance in ways that excite, energize, inspire, connect, motivate, and heal.

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