Inclusive Leadership and Management

I began my work in leadership and management development in the mid-1990s. At the same time I pursued interculturalism. I wanted a research-based foundation of knowledge upon which to build my own understanding of the world and how to navigate it. I didn’t set out to be a consultant or give speeches, I just needed to know who I am and how I fit into a world that didn’t seem to have categories for people like me. It was clear to me very early in my own journey that the way that I was learning about and saw interculturalism, leadership and management--as intricately connected--was different than what was popular or practiced at the time. 

Thanks to a wise mentor, I never saw equity and inclusion as totally distinct from the work of leaders, and as something that can and should be actively pursued within the context of organizations. 

Unfortunately, the intricate relationships between these concepts has only recently become common sense. Until recently, what we now describe as equity, diversity and inclusion was merely diversity. Diversity efforts were largely relegated to recruitment and retention efforts. Management was seen as a separate set of functions, and for altogether different people than leadership. Leaders were considered those with bigger than life personalities, the gift of a golden tongue and mostly the realm of white men. 

Times have changed, to say the least. 

Yes, there are still a lot of white men in formal leadership roles across most industries. There are also a lot of other folks who are leading in formal and informal ways across industries, government, and the globe. For someone like me, someone who is a student of culture, I’m a bit excited about the times we live in. They’re not easy or predictable, but something really significant is happening. And it's not just happening in small pockets--the whole world is talking. 

Important for you as leaders and managers, the whole world is also expecting to move beyond talk. They want action. You want action. That’s likely why you’re here. And we are excited to work with you. 



Let Us Work With You

All of the people with whom we work are in the middle and often feel like you are being stretched. Even executives have a Board or other governing body to whom they are accountable. For those of you in the middle, already stretched thin and with most of your attention going to the daily operational imperatives, you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of constantly needing to develop and demonstrate a whole new skill. That’s where we come in. We work with you, other managers, formal and informal leaders in and across your organization to design and deliver professional development experiences that are rooted in research and coupled with decades of experience. 


Our Approach

At DJA, our philosophy in grounded by core tenets:

  • The days of cultivating Leadership at only the senior-most levels of organizations are behind us. True leadership (lowercase l) can and should be present at all levels.
  • Cultivating leadership at all levels of an organization requires major investment in building organizational capacity through people in all roles and across organizational classification
  • Inclusive managers and leaders must build competence and confidence across the workforce in ways that fully leverage individual and collective strengths. 
  • This work is not in addition to your real jobs. It is the job of inclusive leaders and managers. 

Check out some of our existing workshops and online programs to get a sense of our approach and topics most requested, then let us know how we can customize a professional development for you. No matter the topic, you will be given tools with which to practice new skills and approaches and will have a better sense of your role as a manager and leader, and ways to actively drive your organization’s EDI goals, manage through change or nurture a healthy and fully engaged workforce.