Inclusive Workplace Culture

Practicing the HOW of Inclusion

Your organization, and your team’s, success hinges on investment in creating inclusive working environments, for employees and clients. Participants will be introduced to social identity concepts as connected to historical structures of power and privilege and how those show up in workspaces. Participants will explore how individual identities are brought to work spaces, what that means for individual engagement, team effectiveness, and workplace culture.


This self-paced course will provide you with tools for immediate application of new concepts and practices. You will receive guidance on best practices for enhancing workplace inclusion and structured tools to help you:

  • Define and describe workplace culture
  • Understand your role in shaping workplace culture
  • Practice specific behaviors associated with “how” to be inclusive 
  • Describe how power and privilege impact workplace experiences 
  • Learn communication practices that enhance inclusion 
  • Commit to specific inclusive behaviors that you can practice immediately 

Who is This Course Designed For?

Supervisors, managers, hiring managers, individual practitioners

What is the Method of Delivery?


How Long will It Take to Complete the Course?

2 hours


$39 per person

Group pricing applies for groups of more than 10 participants from the same organization, and begins at a 15% discount per person.

Contact us to help us better understand your needs for group pricing.

Available April 20