Meet The Team

Kathleen DeLong, Ph.D.

DJA Senior Consultant, is an experienced library administrator and HR specialist in the sphere of Canadian research libraries. She has a PhD in Managerial Leadership in the Information Professions from Simmons College in Boston, as well as Masters Degrees in Public Management and in Librarianship.

Kathleen brings strength in facilitation of people and processes that acknowledges agency and accountability as well as individual needs for meaningful and satisfying work. Her abiding interests in organizational development and change and in staffing capacity have led to a longitudinal research agenda that has studied Canadian libraries, including the libraries of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries and the Canadian Urban Libraries Council, since 2003. Kathleen’s research has also focused upon investigating leadership within the library profession and she is curious and passionate about the role of women in library leadership and how changing leadership theory is beginning to acknowledge unique roles and practice. She is also a frequent guest lecturer in the Masters in Library Science (MLIS) program at the University of Alberta and sessional instructor for the library leadership and management course.

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