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Next Generation Leaders drive the embedded, equity-focused, and sustainable practices that will transform workforce, workplace, and community practices and expectations. 

Whether you’re a manager looking for in-depth skill development, a leader wanting to broaden their knowledge of EDI concepts, a hiring manager wanting to lead change, or an individual contributor needing structure and support for bringing well-being into focus, our learning & development programs are for you!

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The Inclusive Manager's Toolkit

Our premier 10-week program will help you build skills around inclusive and equitable practices, while learning efficiency and confidence to excel in your current or future leadership roles.

Next offering: September – November 2022

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The Equity Toolkit

This group of courses introduces topics that will give your organization a baseline knowledge of EDI concepts and build upon that knowledge to integrate these practices into your organization’s structure and strategy.

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  • The Work of EDI: Integrating Inclusion into Organizational Practices 
  • Enabling Equity: Strategy and Structures that Drive Transformation
  • Essentials of Cultural Competence
  • Reducing the Negative Impact of Bias in the Workplace
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Library Management Skills Institute

The LMSI series includes three research-based programs customized for practitioners and leaders in academic libraries, to learn practical skills to be a better manager, contribute to organizational learning, and lead change.

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Well-Being and Morale

A four-week program provides the much needed reminders and practical ideas for taking care of yourself and being a positive influence on others during these stressful times.

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Now is the time to build the Confidence and Competence needed to experience breakthrough results.

- DeEtta Jones

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What People are Saying

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"After attending many training sessions over the years about equity, diversity and inclusion, I found this online course to informative and actionable at the same time."
- Reducing The Negative Impact of Bias in the Workplace
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"The 'Essentials of Cultural Competence' really opened my eyes to more ways that I could be working to make my workplace more diverse and inclusive.  In particular, I loved how the course taught the concept of the 'Bell-shaped model' to not only debunk common myths about teams, but to show the impact that diversity can have on a team's effectiveness.  The action plan at the end also showed a pathway to moving forward with intentionality--leading from a concept to an action plan.  I can use this new knowledge in my workplace every day!"

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"I highly recommend Essentials of Cultural Competence. Content is research-based and delivered with practical real-life examples. I can't wait to start on Reducing the Negative Impact of Bias in the Workplace. Modules are informative, self-paced, and easy to navigate."

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"I also love the downloadable tools- they are very useful. I'm really enjoying this class and it's giving me a fresh take on things."

- Inclusive Manager's Toolkit 
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"This course is AMAZING. It's exactly what is needed right now in our world and our workplace and elevates the diversity discussion to a place that is truly meaningful and transformative. This should become basic training for all staff members."

- Inclusive Manager's Toolkit
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