Library Management Skills Institute 1: The Manager

What's in store?

Library Management Skills Institute 1: The Manager is our most requested institute. This workshop is considered the seminal management professional development experience across the library community. It was designed over 40 years ago on a solid foundation of tried-and true management principles and guided by best practices in libraries. The content and practical application are presented and explored in a library context that reflects the specific audience— academic, public or special libraries. Facilitators for events are selected based on alignment of their professional experience with the type of library organization.

Learn how to...

  • Recognize your own and others’ behavior style preferences and make adjustments as needed
  • Identify what motivates people and explore options for increasing staff engagement
  • Identify when and what type of influencer role you can play to advance organizational goals
  • Give feedback using a time tested technique that minimizes resistance and builds commitment

Ideal for...

  • Supervisors, Department Heads, Coordinators, Managers and Administrators
  • Team and Project Leaders
  • Anyone interested in developing more confidence and expanding your toolkit as a leader/ manager


Library Management Skills Institute 1: The Manager will be for 3 days.


After this Institute, participants will:

  • Have a reinforced understanding of facilitative leadership as a management philosophy
  • Have a greater awareness of their individual behavioral preferences as managers
  • Be able to recognize their own and others’ abilities to influence and appropriately use power
  • Understand the decision making options available to individuals and groups
  • Practice using tools for giving feedback and coaching employees
  • Have a better understanding of the role of manager as organizational change facilitator

Instructional Methods

Session are highly interactive as participants engage in learning through:

Case studies

Personal reflection

Practical application tools

Group Sharing

What Makes Our Programs Unique?

It’s all so practical! So necessary! I started using the new skills twice my first day back to work.

-University of Alberta

Applicable in that I could see the information helped me in my role as manager—giving me practical tools—but also allowing me to better understand how I can influence my manager.

– King County Library System (KCLS)

Our programs are designed for busy adults, and respond to the needs our clients have expressed time and time again. We are known for:

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – Our content integrates concepts, knowledge and techniques necessary for exhibiting cultural competence and building this capacity in all leaders.

Collaborative Learning – Participants explore strategies for implementing ideas, share best practices and resources during and beyond the event.

Practical Application – Participants are introduced to the most widely and effectively used tools, and practice with them in session and with facilitator and colleague input.

Expert Facilitation – Our facilitators are matched to assure subject-matter experts and experience working with specific types of libraries—public, special and academic.


Day 1


Introduction and Overview

Framing Our Work: Management in Context

Lunch Break

Your Behavioral Preferences

Wrap-up 4:30pm


Day 2


Power Dynamics and Influencing Skills

Lunch Break

Participatory Decision Making

Problem Solving: The Helping Relationship

Wrap-up 4:30pm


Day 3


Creating an Environment for Increased Motivation

Lunch Break

Feedback and Coaching for Performance

Wrap-up 4:00pm