Library Management Skills Institute 2: The Organization

What's in store?

Library Management Skills Institute 2: The Organization was designed using Peter Senge’s renowned Learning Organization as the organizing framework. Participants are introduced to each of the five disciplines within the context of libraries. The content and practical application are presented and explored in a library context that reflects the specific audience—academic, public or special libraries. Library practitioners and leaders can understand and have an impact on organizations that need change agents and leadership at all levels. Facilitators for events are selected based on alignment of their professional experience with the type of library organization.

Participation in the LMSI 1: The Manager is not required to participate in this event.

Learn how to...

  • Articulate and use organizational values to enhance engagement
  • Communicate strategies and build a culture of shared buy-in
  • Implement strategies for creating multi-directional influence
  • Create ongoing practices that support organizational health and learning overtime

Ideal for...

People with supervisory, management or some responsibility for being change agents in the organization are best suited for this experience. Open minds are required.


Library Management Skills Institute 2: The Organization will be for 3 days.


After this Institute, participants will:

  • Have practice using tools for creating shared vision
  • Know techniques for creating and sustaining motivation
  • Be better positioned to help lead change in their organizations
  • Have a better appreciation—and best practice approaches—for systematic problem solving

Instructional Methods

Session are highly interactive as participants engage in learning through:

Case studies

Personal reflection

Practical application tools

Group Sharing

What Makes Our Programs Unique?

Excellent! One of the best workshops I’ve attended during my career.

– Omaha Public Library

I was incredibly surprised by how relevant the workshop was and the facilitators adaptability to our concerns and discussions.

- New York Public Library

The facilitators are true experts. They are poised, knowledgeable and flexible to participants needs along the way.

- Ontario Council of Research Libraries

Our programs are designed for busy adults, and respond to the needs our clients have expressed time and time again. We are known for:

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – Our content integrates concepts, knowledge and techniques necessary for exhibiting cultural competence and building this capacity in all leaders.

Collaborative Learning – Participants explore strategies for implementing ideas, share best practices and resources during and beyond the event.

Practical Application – Participants are introduced to the most widely and effectively used tools, and practice with them in session and with facilitator and colleague input.

Expert Facilitation – Our facilitators are matched to assure subject-matter experts and experience working with specific types of libraries—public, special and academic.


Day 1


Introduction and Overview

Organizational Learning

Lunch Break

Leadership Foundation: Personal Mastery

Wrap-up 4:30pm


Day 2


Understanding Using Mental Models to Impact Change

Lunch Break

 Leadership and Systems Dynamics

Wrap-up 4:30pm


Day 3


Problem Solving Using Systems Thinking

Lunch Break

Creating and Using Shared Vision

Your Personal Leadership

Wrap-up 4:00pm