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Our consulting team & faculty represent a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds and brings deep U.S. domestic and global experience. Our professional backgrounds include marketing, technology, human resources, diversity and inclusion, organizational development and instructional design. We are seasoned consultants, facilitators, authors, designers and speakers. We are committed to each other and to our growth individually and collectively; and we are committed to creating the highest quality learning and application tools for our clients.

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DeEtta Jones

DJA Founder and Principal


Tyler Dzuba

DJA Consultant

IMG 7239

Jerome Offord Jr., Ph.D.

DJA Senior Associate and Managing Partner


Sarah Segura

DJA Administrative and Client Services Specialist

IMG 7227

Maisha Carey

DJA Consultant

IMG 7217

Trevor A. Dawes

DJA Senior Consultant

IMG 7230

Kathleen DeLong, Ph.D.

DJA Senior Consultant

IMG 7221

Patricia Efiom

DJA Senior Consultant

IMG 7206

Emily Goff, Ph.D.

DJA Senior Consultant

IMG 7222 2

Myra Henry

DJA Consultant

Paula Jenkins Headshot Black Dress

Paula Jenkins

DJA Consultant

IMG 7236

Kyle Oldham, Ed.D.

DJA Consultant

Version 2

Edward Scott

DJA Consultant


Kathryn E. Sheridan

DJA Consultant

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Gary Wasdin

DJA Senior Consultant

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Liz Zorn

DJA Consultant

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