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Nichole Garcia

Dr. Nichole M. Garcia, DJA Consultant is also an Assistant Professor of Higher Education and College Student Affairs in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. She is a recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon dissertation fellowship which she completed a comparative study on Chicana/o and Puerto Rican college-educated families to advance narratives of intergenerational achievement and college readiness. As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, she was engaged with RISE (Research, Integration, Strategies, and Evaluation) for boys and men of color which is a field advancement effort to understand and strategically improve the lives, experiences, and outcomes of these populations. Nichole collaboratively built an online repository of data disaggregated by race, ethnicity, and sex spanning five fields (education, health, human services and social policy, juvenile and criminal justice, and workforce development). She employs mixed methods to examine inaccurate portrayals of educational outcomes for communities of color and focuses on the intersections of race, feminisms of color, and Latinx/a/o communities in higher education. In doing so, institutions of higher education can plan appropriate programs and evidence-based interventions to meet the growing needs of students.

Nichole has worked as a college preparation consultant for eight years and has dedicated research efforts to examine Latinx/a/o student college access and success. Currently, she is the lead and co-editor for a book titled Studying Latinx/a/o Students in Higher Education: A Critical Analysis of Concepts, Theory, and Methodologies to be published by Routledge in spring 2021She was named a 2020 Emerging Scholar under 40 for Diverse Issues in Higher Education which elects junior scholars of color who are making a significant impact in academia. She was also named a 2020 Faculty Fellow for The American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE). Garcia has published in international and national journals such as the American Educational Research Journal, Race, Ethnicity and Education, The Journal of Latinos in Education, Journal of Hispanics in Higher Education, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, and Frontiers. She is a regular contributor to Diverse Issues in Higher Education Magazine, The Latino Book Review, and Motivos: Bilingual Magazine. She received her PhD in Social Science and Comparative Education with a specialization in Race and Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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