Virtual Hiring and Interviewing

Transitioning Recruitment Processes to 100% Virtual Without Losing Candidates or Quality

Coming September 2020

This course provides real-time guidance for transitioning, structuring and facilitating virtual interviews and hires.


This course provides guidance for transitioning existing candidates and hiring processes to 100% virtual. You will also develop a framework for structuring and facilitating virtual interviews and hires for ongoing use. 

Participants will receive practical guidance and structured tools to help you:

  • Transition searches already underway to virtual  
  • Create clear and cohesive processes for coordinating among internal decision-makers
  • Communicate effectively with candidates throughout the process 
  • Enable authentic and meaningful engagement between candidates and your team during virtual interviews
  • Drive bias out of review and decision-making processes 

Who is This Course Designed For?

HR professionals, administrators, hiring managers, search committee chairs or members


Dates and Schedule

TBD beginning September 2020

Hours to Complete: 4 hours, which includes time to complete self-paced modules and participate in live weekly sessions.