But How Do You DO "it"?

“We have sent people to training, but what we “really” need is a way to integrate inclusive practices into daily routines.”

“We need our managers to understand their role, and have the knowledge, tools, and skills to help cascade our values into the organization’s culture.”

The Inclusive Facilitation Train-the-Trainer creates the much-needed connection between training and organizational impact. The course equips managers and others who can influence organizational culture with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be in-house facilitators of equity, diversity and inclusion work. 


Participants deepen their self-awareness and around issues of antiracism and anti-oppression, learn core techniques associated with facilitation, and identify specific inclusive behaviors to practice in their own work. This course is delivered virtually, ensuring that participants learn techniques for facilitating in multiple formats. 


Developed and launched in collaboration with Harvard University, the course is anchored by The Conversation, a book by Robert Livingston, to ensure a solid research base. DJA poured our decades of facilitation expertise into creating a learning experience that can be immediately applied in any workplace setting. The full curriculum includes:
  • Six micro-courses with videos, expert instruction, and downloadable resources
  • Four live facilitated sessions with exceptional faculty to practice inclusive facilitation techniques and receive real-time feedback
  • A customizable Inclusive Facilitation Workbook with reference to all the core facilitation tools needed and prompts for added each person’s own facilitation notes and prompts as you begin your practice

This course is about taking action and making a real impact. 

This course is for:

This comprehensive program ensures you gain a deep understanding of antiracist concepts and the practical skills needed to facilitate transformative conversations. The cohort learning experience allows you to dive deep into inclusive facilitation to learn and practice new skills. We are excited to work with you on the next step of your equity-driven journey. 



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About the Inclusive Facilitation Train-the-Trainer

An image of the 10 elements of the Inclusive Facilitation Train-the-Trainer course including 6 microcourses and 4 live sessions.

Why Inclusive Facilitation Matters:

Inclusive facilitation is the cornerstone of driving meaningful change within your organization. By equipping oneself with the tools and expertise to lead antiracist and anti-oppression discussions, you become an agent of transformation. Here's what our course offers:
🌟 Personal Reflection: This course creates a generous learning space for you to reflect on how antiracism and anti-oppression work impacts you personally. Understanding your own journey is the first step towards creating inclusive environments.
🌟 Practice Makes Perfect:  You'll have ample opportunities to practice preparing for and engaging in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) discussions with both your peers and experienced facilitators. Hands-on experience is the key to mastery.
🌟 Boosting Confidence: As you progress through the program, you'll notice a significant boost in your confidence as a facilitator of EDI-related conversations. Confidence is the bridge that enables you to guide and inspire others.
🌟 Building a Network: You'll be part of a cohort of like-minded colleagues who share your values and expectations for facilitation. This network becomes a powerful resource for collaboration and support.
🌟 Actionable Insights: This course equips you to identify and apply the practices of antiracist leaders. You'll leave with actionable insights that can drive positive change within your organization.

The Benefit Of Online Learning

This program is 100% virtual. This makes it easy for you to participate in ways that fit your busy schedule. After years of experience offering leadership and management training, we understand how difficult it can be to spend days or even weeks away from work to invest in professional development. All course materials will be easily accessible from your home or office. Materials include streaming videos, webinars, virtual office hours and chats with course faculty, text documents, case studies, scenarios, and downloadable practical application exercises.


"DeEtta Jones is simply extraordinary in her ability to touch all hearts and minds, encouraging new thoughts, ideas, and action! She inspires introspection, collaboration, patience, and activism all at once. The impact of her work is most often life-transforming, leaving participants more knowledgable and aware, as well as revitalized to make a difference. It’s very rare when one person’s work can have such profound meaning for a group of people, and DeEtta is that person!"

Barb Kistler, Principal: Diversity Solutions Group, LLC

"DeEtta met with academic and administrative leaders across campus, and the consistent feedback I received was ‘she made you look good.’ She is professional, engaging, forward-thinking, and really has her finger on the pulse of the best and most effective practices in universities. She is a masterful facilitator of critical conversations."
Damon E. Jaggars, Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries: 
The Ohio State University

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