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Checklist: Inclusive Onboarding
Onboarding is a crucial step in nurturing an inclusive workplace. This checklist covers step-by-step how to build an inclusive workplace for new employees at each phase of their journey in the first 12 months.
Privilege Checklist-02
Checklist: Privilege- Doing Your Own Work
Privilege is complex and, at times, can be uncomfortable to discuss. Use this checklist to reflect on the ways that privilege has an impact on you individually, with your colleagues and team members, and across your organization.
Privilege to Allyship to Mentor to Sponsor-1
Checklist: Privilege to Allyship, to Mentor, to Sponsor
Check your privilege regularly, when you are emotionally calm and able to be reflective. Consider other points of view. Be grateful for those privileges that exist in your life. Use this checklist to recognize how privilege can be leveraged as an ally, a mentor, and a sponsor. 
A coaching relationship between two people
Guide: Appreciative Coaching

Use this worksheet as a guide to structuring a coaching conversation with a direct report. Using this outline, you'll apply the principles of appreciative inquiry, a powerful technique for coaching staff and an effective way to bring the best out of your report.

Two people meeting
Guide: Managing Up

Managing up means taking initiative to improve your relationship with your manager by anticipating their needs: this could take the form of keeping your manager updated on projects, bringing new ideas into a discussion, applying unique skills to solve a problem, or helping them become more self-aware of the impact of their decisions and behaviors.

Empathetic Listening Guide-1
Guide: Empathetic Listening

This guide outlines levels of empathy and how to be an empathetic listener - a key skill for inclusive management. Empathetic listening happens when the listener exerts sincere intention for understanding other people’s values, opinions, and ideas. 

One-on-One Meeting Template-1
Template: One-on-One Meetings

This template will maximize one-on-one meetings with your team members. Well-structured meetings help you align with what employees find intrinsically motivating and help them reach their, and the organization's, goals.

Be sure to share the template before the meeting to foster communication.

Day Planner Template and Example
Template: Day Planner

Use this template as a tool to manage your time intentionally, create time for focus and prioritization, and optimize your daily work.  Strategic thinking and perspective are fostered by stepping back and making time for individual reflection. Use this tool to gain disciplined practice, a key to finding reflection time.

The Helping Relationship - A Developmental Coaching Framework
Framework: The Helping Relationship

The Helping Relationship Framework is a simple process for engaging in a problem-solving conversation. The Framework builds capacity for problem-solving, decision-making, and most importantly, confidence in one's ability. 

Inclusive Practical Application Exercise
Practical Application Exercise: Inclusive Language

Keep your workplace conversations inclusive and up-to-date with DJA's custom-designed free practical application exercise. This chart outlines the language you currently use and fosters insight into when and how you can make language shifts that reflect your commitment to an inclusive workplace.

Coaching through Change
Worksheet: Coaching Through Change

Managers have the responsibility of helping people navigate changes, and although managers are not expected to be anxiety experts, managers should understand the role they may play in an employee's ability to embrace change, maintain focus, productivity, and creativity. Use this worksheet as a guide for communicating the process.

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Exercise: Soliciting Feedback
Soliciting feedback is how we learn and how we get better. Effective managers and leaders are aware of their behaviors, how they impact others, and the extent to which they provide the results desired. Use this exercise actively solicit meaningful feedback.
Mosaic of Diversity Video Image
Video: Mosaic of Diversity

In this video, we explore the complexities of identity and how social identities should be viewed as assets that we bring into the workplace environment.

Brave Spaces Video Image
Video: Brave Spaces

In this video, we discuss how work culture has evolved over the years to be more inclusive of employees’ personal and professional identities and experiences.

Inclusive Communication Video Image
Video: Inclusive Communication

In this video, DeEtta Jones shares a heartfelt personal story, coupled with thought-provoking questions, to help listeners increase their analytical skills and create a stronger connection with their audiences.