The Value of Effective Facilitation is…

Facilitators possess the endlessly valuable ability to drive organizational culture, build bridges, guide teams through various important—at times challenging—discussions, and create spaces where employees feel empowered and capable of contributing as their true selves. Attaining the skillset to do this effectively is now possible through the hands-on practical approach of the Inclusive Facilitator Train-the-Trainer experience.

This course offers:

💠Hands-on Facilitation Practice:  You'll have ample opportunities to practice preparing for and engaging in challenging discussions with both your peers and experienced facilitators. Hands-on experience is the key to mastery.

💠Boosted Confidence: As you progress through the program, you'll notice a significant boost in your confidence as a facilitator of EDI-related conversations. Confidence is the bridge that enables you to guide and inspire others.

💠Opportunity to Build a Network: You'll be part of a cohort of like-minded colleagues who share your values and expectations for facilitation. This network becomes a powerful resource for collaboration and support.

💠Actionable Insights: This course equips you to identify and apply the practices of inclusive leaders. You'll leave with actionable insights that drive positive change within your organization.

💠Personal Reflection: This course creates a generous learning space to reflect on how your values and identities impact your work and connection to your colleagues. Understanding your own journey is the first step towards creating inclusive environments.

pexels-jopwell-2422294-cropped This course provides you with the facilitation skills necessary to:
▶️ Build a Positive Work Culture
▶️ Increase Effective Communication
▶️ Boost Employee Engagement
▶️ Enhance Group Problem-Solving Skills
▶️ Enhance Team Cohesion

This course is about taking action and making a real impact. 

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This highly-rated course creates the much-needed connection between training and organizational impact. The course equips managers and others who can influence organizational culture with the knowledge, skills, and tools to be in-house facilitators of key conversations and transformational group experiences. 

Participants deepen their self-awareness, learn core techniques associated with facilitation, and identify specific inclusive behaviors to practice in their own work. This course is delivered virtually, ensuring that participants learn techniques for facilitating in multiple formats. The 6-week experience provides managers and others with new ways of engaging with other members of the organization as supporters, coaches, and accountability partners.


"This was, hands down, the best of "this kind" of workshop/training I've ever had. The course design and delivery was exceptional, seamlessly blending practice and theory with ample opportunities to practice and explore with colleagues."

"For me personally, this course was very exciting and energizing. It allowed me to see and experience some of my favorite skills that I do not get to use in my work enough. I am hoping to participate as much as possible going forward aninto the day-to-day of my work."

About the Inclusive Facilitation Train-the-Trainer

An image of the 10 elements of the Inclusive Facilitation Train-the-Trainer course including 6 microcourses and 4 live sessions.

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