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Organizations Need Great Managers. Great Managers Need New Tools.

It’s easy to think of senior leaders driving grand vision and young talent breathing new energy into the ideas and systems of our organizations.

But connecting those two points–the vast and vital landscape in the middle of our organizations–is the domain of managers.

Course Design

A ten-week course with live facilitated sessions, the Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit is an immersive development experience for managers and leaders, focusing on the most practical and relevant needs of today’s world of work. The comprehensive design focuses on the 3 primary areas of managerial practice:

You as Manager

Personal Assessment

Personal assessment and interpretation of personal strengths and behavioral preferences, and how those impact communication style and strategies for influence.

Positioning for Influence

Executive skills are needed for pitching ideas, positioning oneself as a leader and highly effective contributor, and commanding visibility and career-shaping opportunities.

Reducing Unconscious Bias

Bias and positionality, when consciously understood and then connected to actionable behaviors, allow for closing the gap between intent and impact.

Managing Teams

Appreciative Coaching

Practical techniques for working with employees to identify and manage according to their individual needs, creating win-win scenarios.

Feedback for Commitment

Easy to use and research-based best practices for giving and receiving feedback that transforms behaviors and builds trust.

Well-Being & Engagement

Design the relationships and experiences that help teams thrive, encouraging and rewarding full participation and sense of belonging.

Organization-Wide Impact


Transparent and inclusive decision-making that allows clarity in the process, the outcome and the ability to implement with ease and full engagement.

Values-Based Communication

Enabling information to flow seamlessly and in multiple directions within an organization, allowing timely feedback, ability to pivot, and real-time “finger on the pulse” of team and organizational climate.

Organizational Change

Aligning work with values and priorities in sync with shifting external and customer demands and doing so in a way that engenders commitment and conveys care.

Each module will equip you with new skills, easy-to-use tools for immediate implementation, and coaches to support knowledge transfer and adoption. 

Who are you as a leader?

Today's market demands that all leaders and managers understand and know how to bring inclusive practices to their teams and workplaces. Let us bring your organization to new levels of equity and inclusion using overall managerial best practices.

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The outer limits of a team and organization’s ability to thrive are determined by the strength of managers. Effective managers:

Boost Employee Engagement

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Inclusive managers boost employee engagement by 70%, significantly enhancing team productivity and morale.

Ensure Talent Retention

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Inclusive managers foster employees' sense of wellbeing, resulting in a 22% lower turnover rate

Nurture Organizational Health

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Organizations with inclusive managers are 8 times more likely to achieve better business outcomes and cultivate a positive organizational culture.

The Inclusive Manager's Toolkit™ is the place for managers and leaders to be fully Empowered, Embraced, Engaged, and Equipped.

The Inclusive Manager's Toolkit™ is focused on managerial effectiveness by teaching shared language, skills, and tools for immediate and long-term application. The cohort learning experience allows you to dive deep and solve your knottiest problems with other managers who are facing similar challenges. 

“This management training was a game changer for me. The content, staff and program structure gave me direction and tools to elevate how I manage my team.”
 “The onboarding checklist, like one of the many tools you get with this program, can be implemented right away. Highly recommend, great program.”

This is a comprehensive development experience is designed with busy professionals in mind. Real-time, on your time, and resources for use just-in-time are all included. You will receive:



with experts



40 practical application tools
and job aids



38 guided



Engagement with a cohort of peers



A safe and structured
community of practice



Facilitated discussion boards
and chat



Podcast for learning



82-page participant

Join the thousands of other inclusive leaders and managers who are investing in great organizations.

Until the Fall Cohort Begins on September 9