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Join us for The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit™ course - 10 weeks of comprehensive core content, plus an extensive library of bonus trainings, webinars, and master classes on managerial effectiveness that fully integrates equity, diversity, and inclusion into its language, skills, and tools for immediate and long-term application.

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What does DeEtta Jones & Associates have to offer?

We offer an array of management training and organizational development consulting services. We provide you with the tools you need to build a strategy and structure that sustains an inclusive culture now. Learn more about how we can support your next steps.

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Online Programs

Our online programs are designed to maximize individual and organization-wide development of new language and skills Our online programs provide answers to current leadership questions. 

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Workshops led by subject-matter experts and practitioners are brought to your organization to encourage cohort learning and organization-wide integration of new skills.

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Organizational Development

Organization development consulting helps you create and implement strategy. You get the support you need while building internal capacity for ongoing integration and sustainability.

The journey to building and sustaining an inclusive environment is like running a marathon. We can help you outline that path one mile, one win at a time. 

- DeEtta Jones
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Critical Acclaim

For more than 25 years, DeEtta Jones has won the critical acclaim of audiences worldwide, inspired thousands of business leaders and educators, and  led the fight for more healthy and inclusive workplaces.

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Meet DeEtta

What sets DeEtta apart from others is her goal — to partner with leading organizations to build capacity at the individual and organization levels. Working with people like you, from front-line employees to C-Suite leaders, we focus on facilitating critical conversations related to the current reality and the future of inclusive workplaces.

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