Our Signature Courses

Inclusive Manager's Toolkit Cover Image Inclusive Manager's Toolkit

Our highest-rated course, the Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit™ equips participants with the skills, confidence, and practical tools needed to excel in their current and future leadership roles. The Inclusive Manager's Toolkit is focused on managerial effectiveness by teaching shared language, skills, and tools for immediate and long-term application. The cohort learning experience allows you to dive deep and solve your knottiest problems with other managers in similar situations. 

Inclusive Facilitation Cover Image

Inclusive Facilitation Skills Train-the-Trainer

This course provides the facilitation skills necessary to build a positive work culture, increase effective communication, boost employee engagement, enhance group problem-solving skills, and elevate team cohesion.  This train-the-trainer experience provides participants with ample opportunities to practice preparing for and engaging in challenging discussions with both your peers and experienced facilitators. You'll be part of a cohort of like-minded colleagues who share your values and expectations for facilitation. As you progress through the program, you'll notice a significant boost in your confidence as a facilitator of a vast array of common, at-times challenging,  workplace discussions.  

Foundational Courses

Essentials (1)

The Essentials of Cultural Competence

The Essentials of Cultural Competence™ course equips you with the fundamental language, concepts, and techniques that are required to successfully navigate culturally complex relationships and working environments. We are in a moment of redefinition. We must move past polarizing exchanges and embrace the rich diversity of experiences and expectations that allow us to flourish.To flourish, we must have the crucial knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for an inclusive environment. Knowing how to bring together voices from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives fosters a culture of innovation, often leading to the development of new solutions, products, and services. Cultural competence is no longer just an asset, it’s a strategic imperative that positively impacts employee engagement, sense of belonging, trust, and overall organizational health. The Essentials of Cultural Competence™ equips you with the skill set to do just that.


Reducing the Negative Impact of Bias in the Workplace

Bias, the silent barrier to progress, is demystified in the course Reducing the Negative Impact of Bias in the Workplace™. This course provides a guide to understanding, addressing, and transforming bias in the workplace and fostering an inclusive environment primed for transparency, engagement, and innovation. Participants will be equipped with practical tools for addressing bias constructively, fostering non-judgmental conversations, and driving measurable change in their workplace.

Library-Focused Management Courses

Library Management Skills Institute 1: The Manager

This course is considered the seminal management development experience across the library community. It was originally designed over 40 years ago on a solid foundation of tried-and-true management principles and guided by best practices in libraries. Since then, DJA has infused LMSI 1 with a wide range of new voices and modern theories that bring the workshop to our present context.

Library Management Skills Institute 2: The Organization

This workshop was designed using Peter Senge’s renowned Learning Organization as the organizing framework. The content and practical application are presented and explored in a library context that reflects the specific audience—academic, public, or special libraries. Library practitioners and leaders can understand and have an impact on organizations that need change agents and leadership at all levels. Participation in the LMSI 1: The Manager is not required to participate in this event.

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