DJA Enabling Equity Framework™

The DJA Enabling Equity Framework™ is our unique approach to EDI strategy and activation. It reflects our belief that EDI must push far beyond the typical inward-facing or program-intensive efforts of the past. Enabling Equity is comprehensive, actionable at local and global levels, and positions business leaders as equipped, engaged, and accountable.edi_background

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Traditional ApproachTraditional Approach to Management

Management and equity, diversity, and inclusion are viewed as separate from the core responsibilities and are often approached programmatically in the form of:

  • Focus on increased representation without balanced investment in retention and advancement
  • One-off topical workshops
  • Emphasis on HR policies rather than business-centric practices and systems
  • Managers and leaders care but do not have the tools to create scalable change that has cultural impact

At DeEtta Jones & Associates, our strength is that we bring an equity lens to “traditional management” models and practices.

DJAs Approach

Our approach incorporates, with the traditional strategy and consulting elements, acknowledgment that there are systems, structures, and legacy cultures that sometimes create barriers to inclusion and compete with our aspirations for the future. We shape understanding and integration of contemporary best practices in leadership and management, always in alignment with equity-based values and your overall strategy. Guided by our philosophy of generosity, we work with clients to:

  • Enhance knowledge of contemporary best practices and implications for workplace performance
  • Equip leaders as champions and align EDI goals with business priorities and practices
  • Ensure change happens at cultural levels through systems interventions and integration
  • Invest in ongoing learning, discussion, and skills practice in context and with peers

We want to Partner with You!

We want to enable you to make changes that leverage your current assets, are consistent with the aspects of your culture that are most prized, and make choices about where, how, and when to implement changes that are going to yield breakthrough results for you. Our work with clients includes understanding social and organizational structures, identification of the desired future state, and active pursuit of alternatives that reflect shared values. We bring process expertise to ensure that strategy and consulting efforts are implemented for maximum effectiveness. Our emphasis is on the “how” of any process--from strategic planning to change management.


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