Library Management Skills Institute 2: The Organization Program Description

Library Management Skills Institute 2: The Organization was designed using Peter Senge’s renowned Learning Organization as the organizing framework. Participants are introduced to each of the five disciplines within the context of libraries. The content and practical application are presented and explored in a library context that reflects the specific audience—academic, public or special libraries. Library practitioners and leaders can understand and have an impact on organizations that need change agents and leadership at all levels. Facilitators for events are selected based on alignment of their professional experience with the type of library organization. Participation in the LMSI 1: The Manager is not required to participate in this event.

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January 10 to January 27, 2023

Eight hours of asynchronous content
Four live sessions over 9.25 hours
Two hour-long informal sessions for further discussion

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Additional 2023 Program Dates (first Tuesday of the month):

May 4th to May 21st

September 5th to September 22nd


December 5th to December 22nd

Who Is the Library Management Skills Institute 2: The Organization Course For?

This course is for both individuals & organizations and you teach to:

  • People with supervisory, management or some responsibility for being change agents in the organization are best suited for this experience. Open minds are required.